Friday, October 26, 2012

Spagetti alle Vongole

From Orsoni we walked looking for somewhere to have lunch.  We settled on a little trattoria in a side street.  It wasn't until we were seated inside that we realized that rather than being for tourists, this was the restaurant of choice for the local workmen.  With a set menu, and reasonable prices, the place was packed....with workmen.  Other than one waitress I was the only female, until towards the end of our meal when another group of tourists also came in for lunch. The lunch menu must be different to the evening menu as when I requested my order, the waiter said, no, lunch menu options only.  On seeing how disappointed I was he said he would ask the chef.  So, I ended up with Spagetti alle Vongole after all.  In honour of Christene, I had been looking for this on every menu I saw since our arrival.  Vongole are a little clam unique to the Venetian area.  I have never seen them in Australia.  The closest thing we have are Pippi's but I think the flavour of Vongole is sweeter.  My wait was justified as it was delicious.  The pasta was al dente and the Vongole cooked simply in a garlic butter sauce.  Yum!  I think I ate my lunch quicker than I have ever eaten anything, ever.  It really was that good. While I can't remember what Frank ate for lunch, I do remember he drank a half liter carafe of the house red with his lunch.  While it was good, we only relapsed as he finished the carafe that everyone else in the restaurant was mixing the water with wine.  Well, that was that, and from that point on, I had a very happy Frank accompanying me on my walk.  I have yet to see him so stonkered!  It was quite entertaining given how unexpectedly it took effect. Dog count for the day was 59. 24.10.2012

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