Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lavarie is French for laundromat

Lavarie is French for laundromat and this is where we sent the early part of this evening.  With both of us running short of clean clothes we decided it was worth spending time washing and drying what we could before venturing off to Venice tomorrow. Frank had sourced the location of a laundromat close to where we were staying so we stuffed all of our dirty clothes into a bag and off we went. Struggling to read the instructions, I asked a young guy if he spoke English.  He did, and very kindly talked me through step by step instructions with personal tips thrown in for how to get the maximum use out of both the washing machine and the drier. We were then working out how best to get detergent (the dispenser in the store was broken) when a nice American lady gave me the remainder of hers.  So, all good, washing on, I sat down to write postcards.  Then I looked up and noticed, that while there were two sets of instructions for using the machines in French, the third set was in English!  I felt like an idiot, but then used my new found skills to assist someone else.  This guy needed help.  I swear he had never done a load of washing in his entire life. So, washing done, clothes dried and 10 post cards written and we head home. Clothes clean, and ready to be packed in preparation for Venice. Official dog count for the day hit the 47 mark, and with laundries not being the most romantic of places have added an image of a cafe we saw in The Marais. 20.10.2012

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