Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lake Como

The only way to really get the full benefit of Lake Como is to explore it by water. This we did today, taking a boat across the lake from where we are staying, and heading up the lake, past private villas and palazzos, across to Nesso which we viewed from the water. With a Roman bridge and waterfall, it is very quaint.
We then went on to Bellagio where we spent an hour or two exploring this pretty little lakeside village.
First stop was a cafe for coffee and hot chocolate. Frank's coffee was the best since leaving home, and I finally had a real Italian hot chocolate. The consistency of chocolate mousse it is hard to decide whether to drink or spoon this....either way it was incredibly good. The entire bill, for two drinks and two extremely tasty pastries was just under €10. Then it was on to explore the hilly little side streets and shops. It really is very quaint and picturesque. Only purchase for the day was a pair of hand made leather men's shoes. At €150 less than half what you would expect to pay at home, and oh so stylish! Frank will christen them soon as we are dining at the swanky hotel restaurant one evening before we leave Italy. 30.10.2012

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