Wednesday, October 17, 2012

IT annoys

Where do I start? With the lack of hot water? Apparently Paris City Council is at work, as such we have no hot water between 9.00pm last night and 8.00am this morning. At 9.00am the water was barely warm. Needless to say there was a lot of "bed hair" on display at breakfast. With the issue of the no show of the driver unresolved we headed to the concierge after breakfast to throw ourselves on his mercy. Very kindly he offered to call the firm. No answer again on either number. He kindly left a message advising we would cancel all further bookings. Following that we rebooked our day trips with someone the concierge recommended. We had to swap days around, but that is a minor inconvenience. Now we go to Moët and Chandon and the Champagne region on Friday, and Giverny and Versailles,on Saturday. Not ideal, but better than cancelling. The visit to the Russian Cemetery of St Genevieve is looking a little too difficult now, so it looks like Rudolph Nureyev's tomb might need a rain check. We are also experiencing IT issues. Frank because he assumed he would have wifi. Me because I assumed the travel microSIM I purchased would work once it was activated. Seems like the activation is programmed for mobile handsets. So, given I want to use it for my iPad, it is not playing nice. Have emailed the company from Sydney (where we did have wifi) and was advised they needed SIM number etc. to activate, then they would advice further process to follow. Pretty annoying given I bought it as an iPad SIM. Am just concerned that given the emails and messages to friends via Facebook have dried up that people will think something dire has happened. Technology continued to bug me today. Have just arrive home to find that a series of photos I took with the little snap happy camera have chopped the top off. The library at the Tuileries Gardens missing the library sign, Julius Caesar with no nose and head, the Eiffel Tower missing its top etc. Not happy Jan. The solution to the IT glitch was, we thought, to purchase an adaptor for Frank's Mac Book Air from the Apple store. So, our mission was to locate the Paris Apple store, which we did. Component purchased and mosaic floor admired, you would think the problem was solved. Unfortunately not so. We are currently using landline Internet access which is fine, incoming email is fine, but we can't send outgoing email, other than via his iPhone. 16.10.2012

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