Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuileries Garden

I am beginning to understand why Parisiennes value the gardens dotted across the city.  As a buffer to the incessant noise of the traffic places like the Tuileries Gardens seems like heaven.  Even in Autumn they are quite lovely.  Some, but not all of the trees have lost their leaves.  The garden, beds are not at their prime,  but staff are working on them.  There are little chairs dotted about for people to sit on and read, converse or just watch life go by.  It would be very easy to while away a couple of hours. There are numerous sculptures dotted through the gardens, and a number of fountains.  My favorite of which is the little pond where children go to sale little wooden boats.  The pond is large enough to be fun, and to provide a challenge for young sailors.  The boats are for hire and come supplied with a bamboo pole .  The pole has a rubber stopper on the end, and it is this which is used to turn or push the boats so that the wind catches their sail and sends them on their way. The whole idea seems to be to send the boats sailing across the pond, then running as fast as you can around the pond to meet them on the other side, where you merrily redirect them away and across the pond again.  Th e three little boys sailing boats while we watched were all smiling, so mission accomplished.  As for girls sailing boats?  I am sure they do....it looked so much fun. 16.10.2012

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