Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting the hang of things

We are still awaiting our bags.....in the interim we are showering but have yet to find clean clothes, toiletries etc. To while away the time Frank is looking at the menu....he took offense at the €145 price tag for Moët when it is "made just up the road".   We pay approx $50 a bottle for the same at home.  Go figure. Will be interesting to see how the hotel stacks up.  Previously a Hilton, apparently it was not up to international standards so the hotel owners took Hilton to court and won.  As a result it is the Hilton no longer.  They actually took the time to thank us for sticking with them. The whole decor is Art Deco, so for me quite lovely.  Not original, but restored in keeping with the look and feel of the period.  Reproduction Erte prints everywhere I look. Both showered and into clean clothes, so off to explore.  We need to find milk and water.  Milk as supplied for tea is a creme styled UHT in tiny containers.  Tastes disgusting.  As for the water, at €7.50 a bottle it is too expensive to drink. 15.10.2012

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