Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shakespeare and Company

From Notre Dame we went looking for Shakespeare and Company, an iconic Parisienne bookstore.  We walked from the Cathedral, across the Pont Double bridge and explored until we found it.  While we took the scenic route, it is the little diversions that sometimes bring the best memories.   Visiting the bookstore was all I had hoped for.  The history, the layout, the stock crammed into every available inch.  The library to read from, but not purchase, and the staff.   Ben who served us was not French, and seemed almost thankful that we had rescued him by allowing him to "serve the clients" rather than have his ear bashed by a lady old enough to be his grandmother.  Everything he mentioned she equated to her son, and still managed to make it seem that she was picking him up.  So, our pile of books was just the distraction he needed to gently break the bond.  Unfortunately her parting words were, "I will bring more books in to sell soon".  We ended up with a hardback copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a small hardback of The Little Prince (a long term favorite of mine), a French cookbook come romance, a history of the bookstore and one postcard.  No photos were allowed inside, so this gave good coverage of just what a unique place it is.  Quite a haul really.  Special service offered is to "stamp your books".  Of course we readily agreed, so each item now proudly boasts a custom stamp.  How special is that? 17.10.2012

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