Tuesday, October 23, 2012

La Giaconda

The remainder of our visit to The Louvre we decided to focus on a couple of core works only.  With map in hand we followed the crowd to see La Giaconda.  The Mona Lisa really is the star attraction, however passing the Winged Nike at the top of the staircase enroute was also a highlight.  I can't recall how many times I have seen reproductions of this sculpture so to see her in real life was great. There really was no need for a map.  You just joined the bubbling mass of people and went with the flow, and eventually there she was...and yes, she was worth seeing. Other pieces of interest to me were some of the works by Ingre and Delacroix.  Again after years spent looking at them in books.  I also decided that I would like to see Vermeer's Lacemaker.  I think because I so enjoyed the book The Girl with the Pearl Earring....based on another work by Vermeer.  The interesting thing was that when we found her she was quite small...but so beautiful, and well worth the leg work to locate her.
The Turkish Bath, by Ingre was another thing again....time for a compass, cut lunch and stop enroute to ask for directions.  We finally found the work, but by then both of us were at saturation point.  Just walking past so many artworks is overwhelming.  I too was at my limit, so we decided to leave it for the day. 18.10.2012

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