Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oxford Street

Paddington seems to have retained it's street cred.  Perhaps more name designers, although still lots of unknown fashion designers.  Fluorescent orange seems to be the color of the moment - both for clothing and shoes.  Not quite my shade though I do love orange. Less trendy design stores and homeware stores than I recall, and my gorgeous little florist seems to have disappeared, as has the Paddington Chocolate man.  Unless of course I was looking in the wrong place. On the up side, I did find a quirky book shop.  The lower level was more coffee shop and street art than books.  I had originally seen a write up on this shop though so knew to explore further.  On venturing upstairs we found another three levels of books.  Both new and second hand.  Cute little nooks with sofas and chairs to stop and have coffee in....patrons deep in conversation.  Funnily enough it had a very European feel to it.  Give me a book shop and I am happy.  As for Frank I may need to limit them to two a day, or mornings only. Or see how he copes. Also got to visit Berkelouw's.  Another first.  We have dealt with them through work for many years, so they are on my radar, but it was good to see for myself.  If not looking at luggage limits I would have bought a pack of Charlie Harper cards to write on and a pack of bird bingo.  Never mind.  Trying to be good while still on home turf.

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