Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paris strikes

My first impressions of Paris are not good with missed connections, graffiti and crazy traffic. With the no show of our driver at the airport we had a bumpy start to our arrival. Traveling business class meant we whizzed through Customs. In fact, other than being checked as we left the air bridge, then showing our passports to Customs, minus the usual bag checks we were through in super quick time. Seems to me that the obvious deduction there is that shows like Border Security show the trials and tribulations of economy class passengers. We collected our bags from the baggage carousel then walked through a door and that was declaration. So with no driver to meet us we had to determine Plan B. I spoke to a couple of different people to see of they were a) drivers or b) could help. Would have been quite entertaining I am sure given I picked a couple of Policemen as potential chauffeurs - except for the fact that we left Sydney approx 24 ours ago. Needless to say we are both a little tired and a lot grotty. So, a taxi it was. Weird being a passenger on the wrong side of the road. I initially thought I would cope with driving until we hit the centre of town and I saw the chaos that passed for traffic. That said, the motor scooters with two wheels at the front are pretty cute. Dog count for the day is five at the airport and one walking the streets of Paris with its owner. Three of the five were enroute to other destinations via air. So, to the hotel, a shower and change of clothes. Then the plan is to go for a walk to explore a little before we have an early meal and crash at what will be a most unParisian like early hour. 15.10.2012

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