Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lake Como bound

This morning we left Venice via water taxi, then on to meet our driver for the road trip to Lake Como. We had decided that as the trip is only about three hours, we would stop in Verona for a couple of hours to have a look around, break our journey, have lunch, then head on. So by mid morning we were exploring the city of Verona. Next largest city in the area after Venice it really is worth a stop of a couple of days. Highlights include old Roman bridges, a Roman theatre and arena - really a small Colisseum, as well as an old castle. While we could still look around the castle, and the outside of the Roman arena, being Monday there was no entry to the museums or internal areas.
Verona is also famous for the role it places in the story of Romeo and Guilietta aka Romeo and Juliette. Not just from Shakespeare fame, you can visit Casa Guilietta, Juliette's house and even her tomb. We did see her house, but being short of time, didn't go to her tomb. Visiting her house was interesting.
There is a gift shop adjacent as well as a statue which has some medicinal power for women who touch her very shiny, brass breast. No thanks. After seeing the house in movies, and knowing of the tradition to leave a letter for a lover, I was stunned (read appalled) by the graffiti all over the entry archway. It was incredibly dirty and so not romantic.

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