Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rockhampton Rebels

Well, the girls made it to Rockhampton, so woohoo!  It was a long trip made even longer by road works.  I have never seen so many portable red lights, road signs, workmen, trucks or change of sign speeds.  We went from 100 to 80, then 60 and 40 so many times we lost count.  Up, down, back again. ....and it went from Gin Gin, to Miriam Vale and beyond.  All the way to Rockhampton. So, how do you combat the frustrations of a long, slow trip?  We talked, we listened to music, there was a game or two of count the road speed signs and then there was an impromptu blow the biggest bubble competition.  Bubble gum is highly recommended for a long trip.....photos of bubbles blown perhaps not recommended. Rockhampton is big, in fact everything is big - crabs, ironing boards and cows.  Current count of the later is five!  As for the big crab, we might get crab sandwiches on the return trip....they were shut on Monday. Pig lovers, and for those that don't know, I am traveling with one.....imagine our surprise to see that Porkies Motel was booked out.  At $80 a night I can see why.  J was almost disappointed that I had booked an inner city apartment rather than Porkies.  Yikes. Then of course, there was the sign at the Criterion Hotel.  "3 out of 4 pigs say, eat beef." yes, J had her photo taken.....smiling away as only a pig lover can.