Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Place du Tetre

Place du Tetre is where we headed next.  This is the square where local artists come to sell their wares to the ever present tourists.  Some artists, have works they have done previously for sale (or perhaps someone else has done them), others have paints on hand to convince you they are legitimate, yet others actually work on a piece while you watch.   Some artists paint street scenes of Paris, most badly.  Others cut silhouette portraits while you wait, yet others will produce a caricature or portrait on demand.   There is a lot of crap, with an occasional treasure within.  One guy we stopped to watch was doing pastel portraits.  He was good.  Another did caricatures.  He too was good, capturing the essence of a man in a few simple strokes of his pen.  Amazing. 20.10.2012

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