Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parisienne traffic

Traffic in Paris is incredibly chaotic.  Locals seem to know how to launch themselves into the frey and come out where they want to be unscathed.  Well, judging by the evidence of singles on cars, perhaps not quite unscathed.  Most cars seem to be missing paint, or dinged.  The noise of the streets can at times be overwhelming.  Road rage translates as honking and I have never heard quite so many sirens anywhere previously.  The police are ever present. We are learning the art of crossing the road.  You use the pedestrian crossing most of the time.  Sometimes you wait for the walk signal, other times you follow the flow.  Always you look both ways - but in the opposite sequence to what I would do at home.  You cross, and continue to watch as many vehicles cruise across the crossing regardless of the pedestrians.  As for the motor scooters they are likely to join you on the footpath, enroute to finding the perfect parking space.  It literally is a crazy game of dodge the vehicles. 17.10.2012

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