Saturday, October 13, 2012

Queen Victoria Building

Day two in Sydney and we decided to head to the Queen Victoria Building.  Surprisingly I had missed this landmark shopping Mecca last time Frank and I were in Sydney, so had agreed next time we were here we would check it out.  My memory of it from visits with Mum and Mr T in past years were surpassed. I could stroll at my leisure and explore to my hearts content.  Frank has to be close to the perfect shopping companion.  So long as there is no queue he is happy to wander and look. We explored all levels of the building, liking the subterranean lower level the least.  Upper levels certainly provide the best view of the building, have quirky shops and provide for wonderful access to the stained glass windows and central art installations. We did see Just White, which I recall as a favorite destination of Mums, although it seemed to me to have less high end dolls available, and more mid range toys.  Perhaps the economic market has made a product focus shift essential to survival.  I can't imagine what the rental must be. Highlights for me were the Italian styled coffee shop - waiters speaking Italiano, and Franks double shot coffee enough to put hairs on his chest; the European design and paper stores and the Hobbyco store.  The later having Lego, a full working model train set, jigsaw puzzles, zoo animals remote control vehicles, planes of the world etc.  you could even buy rockets with launchers, but needed to be 18+

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