Friday, October 26, 2012


Today I had an appointment with Luca at Orsoni.  Suppliers of the best Italian smalti since the 1800's the quality of the product is incomparable worldwide.  With a meeting scheduled for 10.00am we arrived on time, waiting until Luca finished an earlier appointment. It was good to introduce him to Frank, and he kindly took us through the colour library and stock room and the cutting room to show him the process.  While I had seen this previously I never tire of looking at the colour library so was pleased to see it again. It took Luca a little while to place me.  I think he actually had overlooked the appointment, but once we started talking and I told him my hair was a different colour last time, he remembered me.  He started making jokes with Frank about how women change their hair, their dress, their look.  From that point on he was great.  Very charming and helpful.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, placing an order for about 17 kgs of smalti.  From the Traditional, transparent and coloured gold ranges.  The colour range available buying it direct is beyond any I can access at home.  The cost is significantly improved too given the freight issues with buying from the Australian distributor.  So, all in all, well worth coming.  With the range of colors I have ordered we have agreed to call back on Friday to collect the materials, thereby allowing time to select and pack what I have requested. 24.10.2012

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