Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Galleries Lafayette

Luckily for me, the Apple store was just around the corner from the Galleries Lafayette building. Bonus.  designed and built in 1906 it is a true example of Belle Epoch architecture. One of the most iconic department stores in the world I was stunned by just how beautiful this building is.  The lead light within the dome is amazing and there is even a level of the building where you move into the exterior space adjacent to the dome, so you see the glass from behind.  Equally incredible.  Add this to the gilt and painted details along each balcony level and it truly is inspiring.  Incredibly, the building was so distracting that shopping was almost a distraction....except for the lower level....which by luck had the women's shoes.  A whole floor of them....and yes, I bought a pair.  No prizes for guessing.  Red boots!  I have christened them already and feel very Parisienne strolling along wearing them. We splurged and had lunch in the balcony restaurant within GL.  Look for photos of me holding a glass of Moët with an incredible building behind me.  The smile will give it away. The store really does have something for everyone....the amazing thing though is the concession area for the designer labels.  Each space has a roped access point, with a well groomed gentleman providing access on invitation.  Prada was "full" with three clients within the concession and others lined up outside the rope awaiting entry.  As for Louis Vutton?  Standing room only, with what seemed like a bus load of Japanese lined up to make a purchase.  Amazing.  It brought back memories of the LV shop in Venice Christmas Eve. 16.10.2012

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