Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aqua alto continues

This morning we woke to the sounds of the aqua alto sirens. Aimed at alerting Venetians to the imminent threat of high water, the sound is at once eerie and mournful, but of so beautiful. Reminiscent of whale song. Quite indescribable, but once experienced, never forgotten. We again waited until late morning before venturing across the lagoon. This time, though conditions were such that no one was allowed to go to San Marco, the water was too high. So we all disembarked at Zafette, our original destination as we were heading to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. Watching tourists get to the end of the pier, then realize there was water to cross was entertaining to say the least. Some stopped dead, others tiptoed through, and others just charged on in. With water ankle deep, there was no easy option - unless like us, you were wearing gum boots. I was interested to see that the best quality overshoes we had seen were selling for €12, so the €15 we invested was certainly the way to go. We really were navigating water until mid afternoon, such was the impact of the high tide. Incredible to see, you really need to be aware of where the water ladden street ends and the canal edge begins otherwise you might end up taken in unexpected dip.
The other element that caught people unaware was the wind. The rubbish bins and street were lined with broken, wind tossed umbrellas. They really offer little protection in these conditions. 28.10.2012

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