Monday, March 14, 2011

A huddle of Lemurs

Actually the collective noun for a group of lemurs is a troop. These guys however will definately be huddling by the time I finish with them. I thought I would try to do a little work in progress overview - of my planned entry in the next MAANZ symposium exhibition.
The theme this time is a pattern from nature with a minimum repitition of 5, with the size being the standard 30cm x 30cm as for previous competitions. Anyway so long as I am happy with the outcome this will be my entry. Time will tell.
Already I am challenged because I have started to work this in the reverse sequence to usual. That is, I worked the background first. I figured it would be too difficult to lay the background in later so have completed it - mosaic and grout, and am now working the lemurs. Not sure yet whether it will turn out how I am imagining but I guess I wont know until I give it a go. I just knew that I wanted to focus on the little fluffy hair on these guys ears and heads so the work had to overlay the background. You can see from my sketch I am no artist.
As for the little Rainbow Lorikeets I am working this piece predominantly in smalti. Fingers crossed.