Sunday, October 28, 2012

Murano mosaic

We were unable to photograph anything within the showrooms, so have included the alleyway that accesses the glassworks. the main frontage of course is via the water. you would be hard pressed to find it if you did want to go back. the mosaic image is one from a random building on Murano, but beautiful and worth sharing. Although we were both rather shell shocked by the Murano experience there was one highlight to the episode.  When we were talking to the salesman while watching the glass making, I mentioned my interest in mosaic.  "Allora, my wife makes mosaic too".  So I gave him my card.  As we were leaving to go to the showroom, he offered to show us something special....taking us into a reserved showroom.  Here there was mosaic art by the artist Luciana Bravura.  Unknowingly, it was one of her pieces in the MAR collection in Ravenna, so when I saw the unicorn I recognized it.  It was the price tag that almost made me collapse - €70 000!  Her mirrors are €35 000 a large crow and a dove were unmarked, but the little armadillo on wheels which I loved was €7500.  Interestingly her work, while stunning is made by pressing tesserae into a self bedding adhesive.  This negates having to grout, and given her propensity for using millefiori works well.  That said, stunning from a distance, less technically perfect up least for me.  Seems to be a preferred way of working in Italy....probably relating to the easy access to smalti, which does not grout well. 26.10.2012

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