Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paddington Markets

We started Saturday with breakfast at Circular Quay.  First laugh for the day came when our breakfast order was delivered.  Frank's was half the size of mine. ...the explanation? "We dropped it, more is coming".  So the lady got the full meal, while the gentleman had to wait for a replacement serve.  Mean I know, but I laughed until I cried.   We then decided to cab it to the Paddington Markets, with the plan being to walk back depending on how far it was.  So, first cab in the queue turns out to be a crazy horn honker.  We decided to brave it anyway.  The driver mellowed once passengers were on board.  He dropped us at the markets with instructions that "the wife will need the credit card to shop the left hand side of the road, while the markets were on the right". Paddington Markets are still interesting, and to their credit have refrained from going down the cheap import route.  That said, there was not a lot I liked, and nothing I couldn't live without.  For a local, a good source of organic and sour dough breads. Dog count for the day did rise markedly though.  Between Paddington and Manly a total of 14. The walk back to town looked manageable, and downhill, so stroll we did.  

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