Thursday, October 11, 2012


11 October 2012 The big adventure began today.  All of the furry family are safely off to kennels with Paul.  The fact that Cinque wags his tail, running to Paul to say hi and jump into the van reassures me that he is happy to go....and he will look out for the girls.  Tia has settled in well and Willow is accepting of her - for the most part.  So far I have sprung her giving Tia the evil eye once or twice only. So, off to the airport and all went well with checkin. Must have been something in the water at the Domestic terminal.  Not only did we see a mature aged business man in a suit sporting a pink feather boa and a pink top hat, complete with sequins...we also saw Spider Man.  My rendition of the Spider Man theme was well received and I got a thumbs up and a smile. The flight to Sydney was relatively uneventful.  Except for the odd patch of turbulence, made up for by the incredible sky.  With clouds and rain predicted we found that once we climbed above the cloud all we saw was a sky filled with clouds and a strip of blue sky above.  It looked like viewing the sky across a snow field.  Quite eerie, yet so beautiful. Arriving in Sydney we checked in to our accommodation, then went for a walk around the city.  A pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  A late afternoon drink at The Bar at the Sir Stamford Plaza, revealed a mosaic on the doorstep.  Well trodden, but an unexpected delight. A great meal, lamb rack with crisp green beans and garlic potato ended the day.  The mini break in Sydney enroute to Europe is seeming like a very civilized way to begin our holiday.

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  1. Sounds like a very nice way to start! I wonder what the pink top hat and feather boa was about?