Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lakeside villas

The villas and palazzos along the lakeside really are beautiful, with some dating back to the 15th Century and 17th Century. It seems that few remain in the hands of the original families. Those with constant tenure seem to be owned by the Catholic Church. One gorgeous property was gifted to an Italian Philanthropic Foundation within the last couple of years when the gentleman who owned it passed away. It has been used in the Star Wars series and James Bond as one of the locations for filming, it really is spectacular And is located on a small peninsular so is well positioned to look effective on film. Other villas seem to have become owned by multiple families, one per floor, as a means of making them affordable. With many villas being three levels, this is a good way of sharing access to these beautiful buildings. The villa owned by Donatella Versace has recently sold for €35 million to a Russian millionaire.
A property owned by Sir Richard Branson is available to rent for €100 000 -€150 000 per week.
The property owned by George Clooney is actually three adjoining villas in a cluster, one fronts the lake, then is connected via a long and very private garden to a fourth villa used as a "guest house". I can see why celebrities like it here. Road access is difficult and privacy is ultimate. Part of the lakeshore is so remote it is accessed via the lake only and as such is mostly used as holiday accommodation for wealthy people, rather than their living there permanently. 30.10.2012

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