Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First night in Paris

15.10.2012 We had dinner at Le Courcelles Cafe and Grill which has been there since 1884.  Amazing when you think about it.  We shared a pizza and chicken fillets.  The pizza was quite simple. Cheese with tomato paste on a flat base only, but quite good.  I imagine this rustic style of pizza is what it originally was like before the Americans got to it. 

My school girl French is getting a work out.  So far so good.  I actually understood something someone said this afternoon.  Didn't know how to respond but was able to tell Frank what they wanted.

The waiter at the restaurant was sweet.  He gave me a postcard of the restaurant when we paid the bill.  I think actually he thought we did a runner.  We had walked up to the bar to pay the bill as he came back through another part of the restaurant, no longer saw us sitting at our table and assumed the worst.  He was relieved to see us waiting to pay.

We went for a walk in the neighborhood of the hotel, and eventually found a fresh food supermarket.  We bought water, milk, chips, Lindt sea salt chocolate, a favourite.  Tea bags and sugar.  Very cute little shapes in white sugar.  A choice of hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds. Total price €13.  Not bad given the price of the Evian water from room service.

I have decided that drivers here are crazy.  We saw our first accident while we were having dinner.  A motorscooter came off second best to a car.  You take your life into your hands trying to cross the road, and the drivers beep each other incessantly.

A la Hamlton Island there are stations to park and recharge electric cars.  Looking a little like Noddy cars, they are quite cute to see lined up with their little power cords plugged in juicing them up.  There are in fact a lot of small cars in Paris, including the most Smart cars I have ever seen.  Other than this everyone seems to cycle or ride a motorscooter.  These they both park, and at times ride on, the footpath.  

Another 6 add to the days tally.  So 12 in all spotted today.

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