Monday, June 27, 2011

Boulia Bound

Have headed to Boulia for work - an amazing experience to date. Flew to Mt Isa this morning then after picking up the hire car drove approx 3 hours to Boulia. On arriving I was amazed to see that it is actually a shorter distance to Adelaide (yes, the Adelaide in South Australia) than it is to Brisbane. Incredible. A definate highlight for me was seeing what could only have been a wedge tailed eagle straddling some road kill in the company of some crows. Amazing to say the least. This bird was huge - his wing span was as wide as me with widespread arms, his body the size of a small child. As for his legs, it looked like he had woolly ugg boots on. I kid you not. A shy retiring fellow he retreated as we pulled the car up, proceeding to watch us for some minutes before deciding that retreat was the best option. Watching this giant get airborn from the ground was a sight to behold.

After some challenges with accommodation and luggage it was good to get to our destination and get settled. A lap of the main street showed the location of the Post Office, Supermarket, Library and Min Min Encounter. Arriving just in time for the 4.00pm show we thought long and hard about undertaking the min min experience, finally deciding against it. For today at least. A hard decision at the best of times.

Advice from our hosts for the evening suggested two options for dinner. The local service station, or the Australia Hotel. Needless to say we went with the latter, booking in for the 7.00pm sitting to allow for the fact that the 6.30 session was booked out. Popular place the Australia Hotel on a Monday night. Go figure. On arrival I asked for the wine menu, to be advised that not only was there no wine list - there was one red to choose from. A Berri Estate Soft Dry Red. From a cask and chilled. Delightful. What the wine left to be desired was made up for by the food. Grilled fish being off the menu (as were the chops and local pork sausage) I decided on the chicken parmigiana. Have to say it was more like a pizza with cheese, mushroom and capsicum instead of the usual tomato and cheese sauce....but it was great. Vegies and mash weren't bad either - with the mash full of butter just like my Nanna used to make. All in all an entertaining day.

I wonder what day two holds in store.

I love this photo - a dog matiently waiting while his mistress takes care of business in the Birdsville Information Centre and Library.