Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I had my heart set on a box from the patisserie Laduree.  I had read about this special place in a book by an Australian women, who lived with her two little girls for a few years.  An essential part of my research for this trip I enjoyed her tale of life in Paris.  Part family diary, part photoessay, it was a lovely way to find out some of the hidden secrets on offer in Paris. Laduree is a long term tradition for sweet delicacies.  Even better, they package your purchase in a little box decorated with a French Bulldog.  I decided I just had to have one...the box that is, not the patisserie.  The pastries were merely a means to an end. So, Sunday afternoon after we returned from Montmartre we walked to the Champs Élysées looking for Laduree at number 75.  The first clue we found it was the mile long queue outside the door.  Luckily this was for the restaurant, should you choose to eat in and have what looked to be a very posh high tea.  The queue for the shop section was much smaller, only a handful of people.  Being brave I joined the queue and prepared to try to explain that I wanted to buy whatever was necessary to be given the French Bulldog box.  To my dismay, the gentleman advised me  "he is all sold out".  So, no box, and no pastries either. There is a happy ending to this tale though.  At Charles De Gaulle airport there was a Laduree shop.  I am now the proud owner of a little shopping bag sporting "Madame Fifi" a little chihuahua.  The perfect French Bulldog substitute when needs must. 21.10.2012

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