Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Moulin Rouge

We saw too the Moulin de la Gallette.  Changed somewhat from Renoir's times,  but good to see.  Where once there we perhaps 15 or so windmills in Paris, there are now only three.  
The Moulin Rouge is perhaps more famous, but not a pleasant experience to visit.  We walked past it as we headed for home, not realizing that it is part of the red light district.  That said, even on a Sunday there were still lots of people around.  The entire area is pretty gross, with sex shops and strip clubs everywhere.  Unlike at home, where the windows are covered, the sex shops had a full range of items on display in the window.  From clothes (not sure you can call them that given the lack of fabric in some of them) to objects - the purpose for which they might be used made my mind boggle.  I couldn't comprehend half of what i was seeing and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Frank almost had to run to keep up with me.  Then we were followed by a male Gypsy in a manky blue track suit, so the whole experience was somewhat unpleasant. 20.10.2012

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