Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long weekend - another one

Am finally making some progress on the lemurs - Easter long weekends are wonderful for time at home. With another long weekend coming up, who knows, I might make it to face number 3. Let me know what you think - although I guess it is a bit tricky with no eyes yet inserted.

Oops - apologies for the fact these guys are monkeying around and refuse to go right way up.

Social Media

I attended the if:Book - The Reader conference yesterday and the message of the moment was to use social media like Twitter and Facebook and make it work for you, but that interaction needs to be genuine and work both ways. So, being determined to give them both another chance - lets face it I "talk" too much to be contained by 140 characters - I put a message on Facebook announcing the launch of my revamped website. Guess what - lots of great comments and a new follower on my blog! Whoo hoo! Have always loved the blog because I can "talk" to my hearts content. So, thanks CC. Anyway if you haven't yet seen the web site check it out at