Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Antiquarian print gallery

Following our visit to Shakespeare and Company we walked through light rain and explored the shops along the river bank until we came to a point that we could cross back over to the main side of the city. Luckily for me, this area boasted a number of Antiquarian Print Galleries.  Looking through the window of one I spied a number of natural history plates, animals, sea shells, butterflies and birds.  Just my thing and enough to make me brave going into the shop.  Some of the Parisienne shops looks so posh they are off putting, others have a security person on the door, others you must ring a bell for entry. Again, a simple bonjour and a smile seemed enough to get the conversation started, and after spying a plate of a rainbow bee eater I decided to try my luck with the other bird prints.  To my delight I found a couple of hummingbirds, then a barn owl.  These guys are next on my list to tackle in mosaic, but at €50 - €80 each, I felt privileged to adopt the owl and bring him home.  The lady spoke little English, but happily opened the archive folios to show me further prints.  She seemed to follow my interest in the birds as I proudly presented her with my new business card.  She was touched that I gave it to her and promptly returned €5 to me.  Big smiles all round, an aurevoir, then we headed out into the rain, owl carefully tucked under cover. 17.10.2012

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