Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who's a brave girl?

As a good Aussie girl I have a strong respect for snakes. The thing that intrigues me is that this borders on a fear, when I have rarely if ever come across a snake, let alone been in the position that one has hurt me. So, ingrained? Irrational? Who knows, but when the opportunity was presented to hold a snake, I decided to take it. The fact that the snake on offer was a cute striped red one, known as a "milk" snake, probably helped. As did the fact that I had not yet been to visit the Reptile House where there was a 4.1 metre King Cobra on display. These guys apparently grow up to 6 metres. Even without his hood up and in a non threatening position this guy meant business. The look on my face says it all - once this girl started exploring I was keeping a close eye on where she was headed. 7.2.2013


  1. Milk snake? I don't think I've heard of those before. Good on you for doing it though!

  2. If it was a coral snake I would have been nowhere near it. They are similar to milk snakes, but deadly.