Friday, February 8, 2013

Art of the brick

We spent our last morning in Singapore exploring the Art and Science Museum. Adjacent to the Marina Sands Complex it is in an amazing, flower shaped building. As far as museum visit go I was as much interested in the feasibility of the design and architecture as the permanent exhibition. That said, we did purchase tickets for two of the three visiting exhibitions and were interested to see the diversity of content on display. From a Lego exhibit to a photography exhibition. Couldn't be more different, but both enjoyable in different ways. Lego comes of age in this show touted by CNN as one of the Top 10 "Global Must-See Exhibitions", and it is probably justified. Seeing anything that is an everyday item, let alone a toy, elevated to the status of Art is good to see. The technical prowess behind the construction of these works is pretty thorough and really does elevate these works beyond what you might expect something made of Lego to be. Always a fan, but more so after seeing Brian May's Lego episode in his toy series on SBS, I was expecting to enjoy this exhibition. I was not disappointed. Whereas the other exhibition space - Outside In: a Magnum Photos Showcase, did not allow photography (quite amusing given it was a photography exhibition) it was refreshing to see that photos of the Lego creations were allowed so long as no flash was used. Fine by me. The nuances of the lighting would not have been evident if everyone went flash happy. The lawyer turned artist who created these works is Nathan Sawaya. He has now turned his passion into a full time career, leaving law behind. This is the largest show of his work ever and it features numerous human forms, including one of his most famous works - Yellow, in addition to the Art and Science Museum and a six metre long skeleton of a T-Rex dinosaur. Pretty amazing all round, including some fun interactive element for children. 8.2.2013

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