Thursday, February 7, 2013


Fulfilled a long term dream today and spent the day at Singapore Zoo. Many highlights but one of the best things had to be having breakfast with the Orangutan's. These gentle giants of the rainforest are such calm trusting animals. It was a privilege to be so close to them and to be able to spend time in their company. The breeding programme at Singapore Zoo is a successful one with a number of babies to show for their efforts. Both adults and their young came in for feeding and we were able to take photos. In addition, there is an outdoor area, this forms an arboreal exhibit, which must be unique to Singapore. Unlike anything I have previously seen, it has a separate are for Sumatran (golden) and Borneo (red) Orangutan's. This large space provides them with multiple opportunities for engagement, with sleeping platforms, trees and networks of ropes, allowing them free access to their area. With so much to do, the orangs act pretty much as they would in the wild, displaying few if any of the signs of boredom that you sometimes see of animals in zoos. Adjacent is a walkway ramping up to a viewing platform that allows people visiting to gain a good view of all of the activities. We saw large males, on the ground and on lower sleeping platforms, babies doing aeronautics from high ropes, and Mums nesting in aerial hammocks after constructing shade structures from branches to protect themselves and their young ones from the heat of the day. It really was a great way of being able to watch the Orangutan's and we spent some time here. 7.2.2013

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