Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chaweng - round two.

This morning we decided to take the shuttle and revisit Chaweng. The shuttle runs at 10.00am, Chaweng was still in lock down from partying hard until the wee hours and most businesses didn't seem to open up until at least 11.00am. It was good to have a look around in the day light and see another side to this destination. That said, it doesn't really improve first thing in the morning. For one, the smell is something that takes a bit of getting used to. The other thing is the hustlers trying to tout their business. The number of Indians calling "boss" to attract Franks attention so that he would get fitted for an "Armani" suit was beyond annoying. Then there are the people on motorcycles who zip up beside you looking cool then try to sell you a day trip or the like. We finally twigged that saying "thanks, but no thanks" was a better way of getting rid of them. Otherwise it was 20 Questions - where are you from? Are you from Australia? etc....it was incessant and never ending. Eventually I just told a white lie, saying "sorry, it's our last day" which it sort of was. Through it all we soaked up the atmosphere, drank lots of water, melted a little, and found one treasure to buy. All in all a good morning, then a swim and quiet afternoon at home. Post cards to write, bags to pack etc. Good bye Koh Samui as tomorrow we fly to Singapore on the homeward leg of our journey. 5.2.2013

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