Saturday, February 2, 2013

Buffalo butlers

The resort has its own water buffalo and "buffalo butlers" who look after their every need. A typical day in the life of the buffalo goes something like this. Start work at 8.00am, then have a bath.tour around the resort greeting guests and having photos taken. Allow an occasional guest to sit on you for a minute or two, and smile for the camera. Spend the rest of the morning nibbling some luscious grass under the shade of the buffalo hut. Work in the rice paddies for an hour is two. Munch some grass after all of the hard effort. Have another bath to wash off the mud from the rice paddies, then go with the buffalo butler for another meet and greet with guests until knock off time at 5.00pm.
Tong the albino buffalo is the newest addition to the buffalo herd. His mates are Tone and Thae (Thai for smart-looking). The rice paddies they work grow the Sanpatong variety of rice. Fields are planted and harvested on a staggered basis so that visitors can see all stages of growth. Any rice harvested is donated to local hill tribe villages though a Royal Project endorsed by the King of Thailand and overseen by Prince Bhisadej Rajani. 1.2.2103


  1. Sounds like a good job! I wonder how I get them to hire me as a buffalo.

    1. You might have to join the queue. They also get free annual medical checks.