Monday, February 4, 2013


Immediately you arrive in Koh Samui, the vibe is different and there are more tourists. I should have expected this, but am surprised still. Especially by the amount of tourists and their daredevil antics on motorbikes. At least the locals know what they are doing when they stack loads, extra people or children onto the motorbike with them. Unfortunately one gets the feeling that these idiots have never sat on a bike before let alone been let loose riding one. Many adopt the local custom of not wearing a helmet. Disaster waiting to happen.
We went to Chaweng to explore and have a look around. This action zone runs either side of the road for a kilometre or so. Many variations of the same restaurants, bars, massage places, cheap t-shirts, souvenirs and imports, including of course the obligatory fakes. You can buy Havianas, Rolex or Chanel as cheap as you like. I was interested to not that as we came through Koh Samui airport there was a sign warning that some European countries have stiff penalties for bringing fake designer goods in. Be warned. Actually Chaweng reminds me a little of Surfers Paradise. The place to be seen on the Gold Coast, but locals don't go there. Under the glitz and glamour it is a little tatty. Not my choice of destination, but you need to see it once, so we sat for a while with a cold beer in the famous "Bondi" Aussie Bar and watched the passing parade. Quite an eye opener. 2.2.2013

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