Sunday, February 3, 2013

Five Islands

The highlight of our day was visiting the Five Islands area on the South West Coast of Samui and stopping for lunch at the Five Islands Restaurant.
The food was incredibly good, cooked in an open kitchen with seafood supplied to the door by local fishermen, whose boats are moored nearby.
Absolute beachfront, with a view of the water, we pretty much had the place to ourselves with perhaps a dozen tourists total within the Restaurant and bar area. Quite, peaceful and naturally beautiful. On a clear day the Thai mainland is visible. Today, you could just make it out through the haze. The so called five islands however were easily spotted. Koh Malaeng Pong, Koh Mae Koh, Koh Chetta Mun, Koh Din and Koh Thalu.
These islands are a local source of the birds nests, collected from precarious cliff side locations and used in the specialty birds nest soup. Luckily this was not on today's menu. Five Islands, a little piece of paradise away from the main tourist path. Idyllic. 3.2.2013

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