Thursday, February 7, 2013

Singapore awaits.

Singapore sits at the opposite end of the scale to Thailand. Beautiful in its own way, pristine and very green, but io would not choose to live here. Coming from Thailand as I have I miss the humble generosity of spirit I have come to expect from Thai people. Singapore is very clean and extremely business like. It takes a little getting used to and to be fair, we are probably not here long enough to give the city a fair chance. Perhaps another time. Traffic is still busy, but less chaotic than Thailand. The signage though interests me. Today I saw signs that showed a white silhouette person with a green silhouette person. Only challenge was, the green person held a "gun" so I can only assume the message was "trespassers will be shot or something to that effect". Amazing. We are staying in the Marina Bay Sands. A city in its own right, with the hotel, a casino, major shopping precinct and restaurants all within the complex. You could stay here for a week without leaving the precinct and never get bored. Only two years old, the complex is famous for its infinity pool. The highest as it is on the 57th floor, and longest infinity pool in the world at this point in time. There are three parts to the pool, adults only, everyone and chords, plus three separate spa areas, bars, restaurants and a towel concierge. It really is amazing with its view over the Singapore CBD. 7.2.2013

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