Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your elephant chooses you

Next it was on to learning how to determine which elephant would be ours for the day. The trick to elephant allocation, according to our guide Benz, was to feed an elephant for five minutes. By this time, he would have a clear indication of whether "our" elephant would accept us - or not.
So, first to be allocated an elephant was me. I followed Benz with a basket of bananas, to find myself stationed in front of the biggest elephant I have ever seen in my life. He was huge, and yes, he was a male. He also had the biggest tusks I have ever seen, and was in fact the only elephant with tusks. So, five minutes later, after he had demolished all of the sugar cane and bananas I looked to Benz to see whether I was "in". Sure enough this huge guy accepted me, so from that point on Boon Pat and I were buddies for the day. Well, Boon Pat and I and our personal trainer, and what a day it was! 28.1.2013

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