Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dogs, dogs and more dogs.

At the base of the temple, is a market. Predominantly set up for temple visitors and tourists it still provides a good feel for Thai markets and lifestyle. Full of food and the obligatory Chinese import souvenirs. That said, it is colourful and well worth a look around. I bought what I thought was 6 postcards for about the price you would pay for one in Australia, only to find when I got home they were little note books. Bonus! You can also see Red Taxis lined up waiting for passengers and donate to the food collection for the temple dogs.
Dog count for the day was high, with my all time record destined to be broken. It seems that the poorer the area the more dogs, and with the temple dogs added to the tally the final score was 110. Beats my previous all time record of 83 dogs in Italy. 30.1.2013

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