Monday, January 28, 2013

Dog days

I am quietly encouraged by the number of dogs I have seen in Chiang Mai. Today's dog count was 63, pretty high as dog counts go. Seems to me that the gene pool could do with a little expansion though. Most dogs are of the generic black and white scruffy variety. It is evident that they have a pretty tough life. Thankfully few seem to be strays, many seem to belong to someone, laying out I the sunshine in small groups out the front of shops and houses. It was interesting to see that as we got out into the mountains around Mairim en route to Patara Elephant Camp that the type of dog changed. Less cur with a unique look. Dogs I saw seemed to have a streak of Akita in them. They were quite large and distinctive and had quite unusual coats with fur a standard length, like a bear coat Sharpei, and more standardised colours. Solid black, solid cream etc. They were quite good looking animals. 28.1.2013

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