Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

With shearing finally finished it was time to get the sheep and lambs back together. Plan being to open two gates and let them meet up mid point en route to the large paddock with the dam. Plenty of fresh grass and water. A joyous reunion was had by all with lots of bleating and talk happening. The perfect way to end a long day. For me, lots of new skills to add to my cv - wool puller and wool classer extraordinaire. No insult intended for the experts as I am sure that to become a professional wool classer there is lots of study involved. That said, I can now distinguish a fleece from a Merino versus a Black Faced Suffolk. Pretty good going for this city girl! As for the humans - a cold beer went down really well to end what was a really long day. Did I see in the New Year? No, exhausted I hit the sack at my usual, unfashionably early hour....with a smile on my face.....what a day!

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