Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's not Venice.

We flew into Singapore under the guidance of our Captain, Manuel. Yes, I'm sorry but the inference to another more famous Manuel kept me smiling. With my imagination running wild, as to the outcome if Manuel from Fawlty Towers were ever to relocate for the kitchen to the skies, we landed late afternoon. Singapore seems from the sky to be an island made of a large number of smaller islands. Sea access is everything with imperious large tankers scattered like twigs on the ocean. Interspersed with tugs and smaller craft, I gave up counting at 180. As you approach the airport the city looms, with huge skycrapers announcing the CBD. We saw the triple towers of the Marina Bay Sands impressive sentinels on guard as you approach. This is our destination for our return visit in two weeks time. Designed by world renowned architect Moshie Safdie, the complex is only two years old. It is collocated with another of Safdie's projects, the Museum of Art and Science. Might have to convince Frank that this becomes a destination too, although I might not spring that idea on him just yet. I have never understood the allure of golf - until today. viewed from above we saw a large golf course of undulating green velvet. I looked for Alice lounging by the 9th hole, but had passed by before I spotted either her or the White Rabbit. Changi Airport is massive with three separate terminals and a Sky Train to provide access between each. Our luggage came in on belt 33. Given Brisbane airport has less than half a dozen luggage belts this will give you some indication as to the scale of the airport. With the plan being to overnight at the airport hotel we traversed Immigration, got our gear together were waved through Customs then walked the concourse to the Crowne Plaza. Passing a Chemist advertising "Hair Gorgeous" and "Bath Sensation" was only ever going to make me laugh as it brought back memories of my trip to Japan with signage reminiscent of "Wellness Drug" and the like. As a result we actually missed the Sky Train from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3. Luckily there was another scheduled in just two minutes. That's Singapore for you. 26.1.2013

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