Monday, January 28, 2013

Chiang Mai bound.

Gaining access to the departure shopping zone is like being let loose in Aladdin's cave. It doesn't matter which terminal you are in, shops stretch as far as the eye can see. It really is a little overwhelming, so we looked around for a while, made a mental note to return to one or two places en route for the departure gate, then with plenty of time to spare, went to have some lunch. Well the best laid plans go astray, and it was as we settled down to eat chatting as you do, we had a discussion about current time frames. Flight departure time, boarding time, allowance for the 8 minute walk the sign estimated for the trek to the departure gate, shopping stop off etc etc. problem was it turned out we had an hour less to play with than initially thought. Oops. So, our leisurely lunch became and eat on the run job, we flew past the shops, and ran for departure gate #58. As Murphy's Law would have it, we got to the gate, went through a security check, then sat in the waiting area prior to boarding for approximately 40 minutes. Never mind. They do shut the gates 10 minutes prior to departure so I would rather be on the right side of the glass wall, rather than leaning with my nose pressed up against it, sobbing because I had missed the flight. Enough excitement for one day, so we are now settled on our plane en route for Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants here we come. 27.1.2013.

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