Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 150 kg "baby"

Today a baby elephant sat on me. How often do you get to say that in life? Never! Must be good luck! The most incredible way to top off a fantastic day, we were invited down to meet a new Mum and her baby. At 10 weeks old, baby Tara already weighs in at 150 kilograms. Not a small baby by any standards, but still exploring and finding out about her world. She was ultra cute, raising smiles and laughter wherever she went becoming quite boisterous in her attempts to get attention. Mum stayed quietly on the side munching sugarcane until she thought danger was imminent, when she would quickly come over and touch Tara, putting her bulk between the baby and the perceived point of danger. The message to back off and stay out of her way was loud and clear.
Benz, our guide from Patara, invited me to sit on a rock and wait for Tara to come over to say hi. Which she did, before promptly turning around and sitting in my lap. The photo says it all. I was one happy girl, full of smiles and laughter at the sheer joy of the experience. What a way to end the day! I feel like I will smile forever! 28.1.2013

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