Friday, January 4, 2013

Running up the hill

NB: due to the extreme weather conditions and impact of the fires, Internet access was difficult so I was unable to load this entry until Saturday, our day of departure.
Incredibly hard though it is to write, today is my last day at the farm for this visit, for tomorrow we fly back to Brisbane. There is something about being here that soothes my soul. Being in such a remote, beautiful location makes you realise that you don't have to travel far from home to experience the best of what life has to offer. The scenery is amazing, and hearing the continual bird talk, having the sheep nearby and absorbing the colours in nature, all adds up to being wonderfully inspiring. The wind has picked up over the last couple of days, with temperatures rising to heat wave conditions - at least for Tasmania. Yesterday was in the low 30's, today will be 39 or thereabouts according to current weather reports. With a total fire ban throughout Tasmania, after serious fires across the State yesterday. The best thing is that without the humidity we normally experience in Brisbane, it is totally ok and you find yourself out and about doing all of the things you would normally do on the farm. I did however learn pretty quickly that although it doesn't feel hot, you still need sunscreen. Oops, the raccoon girl look takes a bit of getting used to. My cap protected my forehead. Pity about my ears and cheeks. The other amazing impact of the wind is that the grass "runs". What? You have never seen grass running up the hill? No, neither had I, but trust me, it is a wonderful sight. The wind gets under the grass and moves it, so that it looks like the whole hillside is swaying in the breeze, moving up and across the hill, dancing in the breeze. Grass here is not the short green stuff we are used to at home either. There are multiple layers, knee high, with clover and green shoots lower down, but the tall heads are lilac and golden depending on the type of grass so the colours dance and sway across the hillside too. It really is incredibly beautiful to watch, and something that taking a photo of just doesn't capture. Nothing can quite do justice to how wonderful this phenomenon is to see except for standing there and soaking up this visual delight. Truly beautiful! PS Weather at home hit the high 30's, as for Hobart? All time record of 40.8 or thereabouts.

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