Monday, August 6, 2012

The dog line

Eaglehawke Neck is another remarkable site. Located on the way in to Port Arthur it made its name historically as the point where the dog line was situated. A natural part of the island of Tasmania! Eaglehawke Neck represents a point where the land mass narrows down to a small wedge of land nestled between Pirates Bay and Eaglehawke Bay. A peninsula exit point from the site of Port Arthur, the line of defense against potential escape for convicts was the dog line. Yes, as it sounds, 18 large dogs were chained at regular points across the land mass to alert of any potential passing by non authorized personnel. At times dogs were also secured to floating pontoons to continue the line across the water. A sculpture now marks the peninsula - of a large, mastiff type dog. Not for the feint hearted. As a dog lover, I cringe at the impact on both man and dog.

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