Monday, August 6, 2012

A conflicted beauty.

The beauty of Tasmania overwhelms me. Flying in we traversed the East Coast of Tasmania, low enough to see the mountains and coastline. It was an awe inspiring sight...matched only be the drive out to Port Arthur the next morning. We passed the Barilla Oyster beds that we flew over, then headed out through Eagle Hawke Neck. A slight detour via the blow hole and Doo Town where each house sports a name with a "Doo" focus. Doo Nix, Nil2Doo, Humpty Doo, MuchADoo, Doo F--- All. Each raised a smile and prompted some additions, Poppy Doo being my pick. Port Arthur is a complex site. With a base knowledge of the history of the site I was taken aback by just how beautiful the location is. It was quite difficult for me to reconcile the natural beauty of the location with what was the history and reason for being of the original function. This was only add too as we walked the site, visiting the Seperate Prison and learning mor elf the history and how it impacted on more than 250 000 people. Add to that the understanding of the events surrounding the massacre in 1996 and this is always going to be a destination underpinned by sadness. The natural beauty of the surroundings does much to balance the scales and the empathy with which the memorial has been developed makes it quite an inspiring place to visit. With our visit being a Sunday, you couldn't help but think of a previous Sunday and how for some families theirs would never be the same ever again. A few minutes in quiet contemplation seemed to be in order. There will never ever be anything for me that surpasses the crimes man inflicts upon fellow man.

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