Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have decided that unless you are a Black Faced Suffolk sheep, or one of the dogs with their winter coats grown in, the trick to survival in this temperature is to layer. So, with a top temperature of 7 in the day time, and the wind at any time making it drop by another couple of degrees, then this is the only way to go. As a result I look something like the Michelin man. But I am warm. Today's tally is two pairs of socks - one wool. Slippers or gum boots - depending on whether I am inside or out. Thermal leggings and jeans, thermal top and skivvy. Then, when we head outside I add a beanie - choice of three. Gloves - the best purchase ever from the Anaconda sale. Then last of all a coat. Try hiking up and down the hills in this get wonder I enjoy the quad bike so much. The house is snug. While the wind is howling outside we have had two fires going all day. With 5 in total this seems barely enough, but they are incredibly good. One runs night and day. This is in the mud room, where Holly, Benny and Tia reside in warm luxury. This room is adjacent to the kitchen, so between the fire and the oven when it is going, all is toasty warm. The other fire we have had going is in the lounge and dining area. Another combustion stove it too is pretty efficient - combined with the afternoon sunshine streaming in the window it makes for the perfect spot to settle to read, and even do a little mosaic. The deadline is looming for the September show so needs must. The challenge though is keeping wood up to the fires. There is a wood shed a dozen or so steps from the back door....and numerouse times a day I venture out with a basket to transfer logs and kindling to the house. The hard part is done with the timber already, cut, collected and stacked so helping to bring it in seems the least I can do. I made pea and ham soup for lunch today. With fresh bread it made for the perfect lunchtime fare. Best thing is there is more for tomorrow. Dinner this evening is roast lamb from the farm. I am in awe of farmers. How do they achieve everything they need to accomplish, look after animals, cook, clean, and all the other jobs that never end. I know I am doing it easy, but the insight makes me appreciate those on the land.

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  1. I love the country side. It looks like out of a postcard. That's it I have to go to Tassie. But I will wait for summer.