Monday, August 6, 2012

Farm girl

This morning we headed from Hobart - after a weekend of luxury, posh restaurants and the Salamanca Markets, out to the farm. Located in Tunnack at 500 metres above sea level, after the weather we had experienced overnightin Hobart it seemed viable that temperatures would drop and that there might be snow. With light falls on Mount Wellington it bodes well for further out of town. How incredible that my first sight of the farm was of a snow dressed wonderland. The drive in was exquisite with signs that there had been a solid fall in the early hours of the morning. The roadside ran by drifts of snow with the hills white as far as the eye could see. Roofs and cars alike, covered in a mantle of white. Overwhelmed by the natural beauty, and the remoteness of the location, I was never going to not love the experience of discovering what was on offer. Black faced Suffolk sheep on the hills of the home paddocks, Angus cattle not far afield and a welcoming committee of Tia, Benny and Holly. First though, to unpacking the car. Groceries purchased in Sorrell, unpacked into the pantry and freezer. Dog food decanted into their freezer, with a fresh chicken treat for each. Feed the chickens, collect the eggs (5) and then a cup of tea. Bags unpacked, washing done and a long walk to explore the snow laden fields. With a gentle afternoon of sunshine, the snow began to melt away, but not before the opportunity to do a happy dance and make a snow ball - or two. The first time I saw snow was in Europe, so for this city girl, to see snow in Australia was a wonderful experience. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Sam the Border Collie. Either way we both came back from our walk smiling....and it wasn't just my Dysart beanie making me laugh.

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