Monday, August 6, 2012

Sam the Border Collie

One thing I am learning as I pick up elements of living a rural lifestyle is that there are work dogs and pet dogs. Working dogs hold a special place on farms. Never coddled, they do however hold an important place in the structure of the farm, and are indispensable for the input they make. Sam is no different to the working dogs of Keswick. He has his own quarters and he works to earn his keep - but he too was excited to see someone at home, running circles and making sure we both knew just what it meant that he was out and working. A bit too excited to settle easily it was still evident that he is well trained and a smart dog. That said, he was happy to frolic in the melting snow, rolling in it and licking it until his tongue lolled out. Tomorrow we will take him out as we tend to the cattle and sheep. Bales of hay need to be distributed, animals fed,fences checked. So for this evening,it looks like an evening settled in front of the fire - having brought in wood and kindling and ensuring that all fires are stoked and warming the house - even the fire in the wet room. Built to contain coats and dogs. A quiet end to what has been a special day.

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